Lamb Trachea

Lamb Trachea

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Lamb trachea is a healthy snack for those that do not tolerate other common protein types like beef , chicken or pork. Trachea are an ideal natural source of natural chondroitin and glucosamine which helps build and support cartilage components, and also lubricate the joints. 

They are slow smoked and dried to enhance their natural taste and crunchy texture. They are great quick treat for big dogs or a chew for smaller dogs. They are very high in protein but very low in fat and the perfect “no regret” treat for every dog! These snacks are bound to be a healthy but delicious favourite that also help support dental health naturally.

Like all our natural chewing snacks, these little lamb chews are  locally sourced and  are made without the use of artificial colourings and preservatives.

*NOTE: Lamb Trachea is  only available  in one size and in 100-110 grams pack with approximately 7-8 pieces. Trachea length and width varies in every pack.