Where do we source out our ingredients?  


It is important to us that we focus on sustainability when we source out our ingredients for our products. We take the time in seeking out local farms/ranch, and talking to local butchers about where the products come from. Another important thing for us is ensuring that we source out our ingredients locally. That means as close to home as possible, within or around Alberta, although our salmon came from British Columbia and the smelts are from Lake Erie in Ontario. 


Where are our products made? 


Our products are made in house. We built a smoke house where we smoke all our treats using natural methods. We do not mass produce. All treats are made by hand with lots of love and care  from cutting, smoking, dehydrating and packing. 


How do we keep the freshness of our treats? 


We do not use preservatives, and so because of this we have a shorter shelf life. We can rest assured our treats are fresh since we make them in smaller batches. We have a “freeze date” on each bag.  Once you opened the treats they MUST BE REFRIGERATED. They can stay up to 4 weeks in the fridge. If an UNOPENED bag reaches its “freeze date”, then it needs to be freeze and it is good for up to a year. Unopened treats must also be kept in a cool dry place, no direct sunlight. 


Do we have a return policy? 


We guarantee a full replacement of our treats should it have manufacturing error or defects or go bad before our “freeze date”. 


 How does pick up works?


If you live in the Edmonton area or close and prefers to pick up, when checking out, simply select 'Free Local Pick Up' from the available shipping options.

You will be contacted to schedule a pickup once your order is completed - pickup is in Laurel area, SE of Edmonton off of 17th St and Anthony Henday.

Shipping is also available, please refer to our Shipping Policy